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AsiaPac was awarded as the “National New and High Technology Company” by China government in 2009.  In order to provide the products of best quality, AsiaPac has set up the plant according to the requirements of food additives. Two R&D divisions including “ Molecular Biotechnology Research Center” and “Application Development Center” are located in Taiwan and Mainland China, respectively. AsiaPac owns over 40 registered patents covering enzyme genes, fermentation technology and enzyme application technology in a number of countries including Mainland China, Taiwan, USA and Canada.

The R&D in Genozyme Bio-molecular Laboratories mainly focuses on molecular biotechnology including enzyme gene screening, modification and transformations, protein expression and structure modification, and fermentation technology. The most advanced technology of protein purification and modification enables us to quickly find and design suitable enzymes for various industries.

AsiaPac Application Laboratories have established a comprehensive research facility and system for R&D on enzyme and substrate analysis, in vitro digestibility test, small scale industrial application trials and animal metabolic experiments in swine and poultry. These facilities and systems also provide solid support for our customer services.

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