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AsiaPac(Dongguan)  Bio-Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2004 to specialize in enzyme preparation and research applications for different industries. Its function is to convert the enzyme genes developed by Genozyme Biotech, Inc. into commercial products with applications in the food, feed and textile industries. In 2006, AsiaPac Bio-Technology was granted the “Guangdong Provincial High-Tech Enterprise Award” and in 2009, it was recognized with the “National High-Tech Enterprise Award”. “Pokazyme?” feed enzyme products were honored as the “Guangdong Provincial Well-Known Brand” in 2007. 

After two years of construction, 

AsiaPac's enzyme fermentation plants were commissioned to operate according to food additives standards in the Song Shan Lake Hi-Tech Park in Dongguan City. The sophisticated gene technology, high-end equipment andadvanced production methods employed by AsiaPac Bio-Technology were recognized by the award of the title “Guangdong Provincial Engineering Center” in 2014.

Each product from AsiaPac Bio-Technology is produced according to the strict quality assurance systems of ISO 9001:2008 and Food Safety Management System of  ISO22000: 2005(HACCP-EC-01) to ensure the best product quality.

Independent intellectual property rights for the latest generation of temperature-resistant enzyme products fermented in AsiaPac factories, including its xylanase, glucanase, mannanase, pectinase, cellulase and high-temperature phytase enzymes, are recognized by patents from the P.R.C, the USA, Canada and Taiwan.

AsiaPac Bio-Technology owns world class molecular biotechnology research, leading applied research of enzyme products, superior product quality assurance system and food-grade enzyme fermentation factories.

AisaPac(Dongguan) Bio-Technology Co., Ltd adheres to the philosophy of “Excellent Standard, Excellent service” and strives to be a world leader in enzyme production.

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